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Westworld Game Review



Warner Bros. and the studio Behaviour released Westworld - a game based on the series "World of the Wild West", using all of his ideas and good practices. If you are only going to watch this series or do not like to learn everything in advance, then be wary of the spoilers that are in the game and in our article. In other cases, you can safely read the material.

The concept of Westworld game and the presentation of the story exactly repeat the series - in some place on the planet the Amusement Park has been built, the staff of which is synthetic androids, and the guests are real, live people.

They come in search of adventure: fisticuffs, card games, cowboy duels, bank robberies, escape from prison, real love, satisfaction of destructive fantasies and even murders. The game world of Westworld is divided into two parts. Above ground is a world of the Wild West with its key locations, like the cities of Sweetwater and Paria, the Abernathy farm and others. Each location contains a few number of buildings-attractions, on which androids "work".

The underground part is the territory of Delos Corporation, from where the park is managed, the production of new androids and spare parts for them, repair and testing of the software component, and the improvement of hosts.

The global task of the player is simple - to develop the Park with new attractions, improve its invisible infrastructure and develop its robots, so that they bring more income and increase the popularity of the Park.

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