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Prey Mooncrash Game Review



Rumors that Prey will receive a lunar supplement have been around for a long time, but confirmed this information only at the E3 2018, immediately announcing the release of Mooncrash. Many certainly expected from the addition of some kind of storytelling associated with Morgan Yu from the original Prey. However, the developers went the other way ...

 Action game Prey: Mooncrash unfolds on the lunar station, which, like "Talos I", was captured by an alien organism, which destroyed almost all people on it. The protagonist in the complement is a certain Peter, who is a spy on the plot, working on a competing with TranStar office called "Kasma". To get home to his family and friends, Peter is forced to report to his superiors about what all the same happened at the lunar station "Pifei". The hero perfectly owns computers, and therefore his main task will be to simulate all the circumstances at the station and find out the exact cause of the disaster.

To do this, the character sits in a special Friv game simulator, in which he can choose one of five characters, although only one hero is available at the very beginning of the passage. Then begins the simulation, in which the hero must fulfill the goals set by his leadership, obtaining valuable information. The plot of the game does not really develop in any way, and therefore those who came to Prey: Mooncrash for this, the addition, most likely, will seem boring. We do not really know who Peter is, where he came from and what the members of the Kasma leadership want.

It can be seen that the developers of the game in the first place are not obsessed with creating a story-based add-on, throwing all the forces on the gameplay features. Even the in Friv game recordings, which in the main game were a rather interesting way to expand the in-game story, were added only for a tick in the add-on. Virtually no intrigue and plot interchange is not contained, and most of the time we generally see nothing except the description of the goal in the upper corner of the screen.

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